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West Bengal State Cooperative Bank Ltd. (WBSCB)

The West Bengal State Cooperative Bank Ltd. is the Apex and financing Bank of all the CCBs, UCBs and other member cooperatives in the State. The Bank was incorporated under the Bengal Cooperative Societies Act in 1904 and is included in the Schedule--- of the Reserve Bank of India. The Bank has been running in profit for over a decade and has received audit classification “A”. NABARD has also given the WBSCB “A” rating based on its sound financial condition.


The District Central Cooperative Banks, and other state and district level cooperative societies, like, Tantuja, State Housing board, etc are all members of West Bengal State Cooperative Bank.

  • Provide refinance support through NABARD to CCBs for sustaining their lending operations.
  • Act as Banker of CCBs and UCBs and other Central and State Cooperatives.
  • Provide Bank loans to farmers and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) through PACS/Branches in three districts  of North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas and Coochbehar where there are no CCBs but State Cooperative Bank has taken over the liquidated CCBs and set up Regional Banks.
  • Provide leadership, support and guidance to all the tiers below in building a strong cooperative movement in the State.
  • Organizing people living in the slum and bustee areas under the KMC into Self Help Groups, advances them loans directly through branches for undertaking income generation activities.
  • Mobile banking for the people living in slums and bustee areas in an attempt towards financial inclusion.
  • Helping in the efforts of State Government in the procurement of Paddy, Rice and food items through government Borrowings from WBSCB Ltd. by extending financial accommodation to BENFED, CONFED and ECSC against Government Guarantee.
  • Capacity building of the staff, officers and Directors of CCBs, UCBs and PACS through its own Training Institute (ACMART) at Salt Lake.
  • As a schedule Bank WBSCB Ltd. undertake all commercial activities like, retail banking, Corporate and commercial lending including State Government Undertakings through the network of its branches in Metro and Urban areas and also through its three Regional Banks.
  •  Tie-up arrangement with the State Government for providing House-building loans to Government Employees through its select branches and DCCBs in the State.
  • Tie-up arrangement with the Council of Primary School teachers in South 24 Parganas for timely disbursement of salary.
  • Tie-up arrangement with the West Bengal Electricity Board for collection of Energy Bills.
  • Tie-up arrangement with the LICI for undertaking Life Insurance business as a Corporate Agent.
  • It is the Financing Bank for all State Transport Corporations as well as the Calcutta Tramways Company in brining out new fleet of buses for public convenience.
    • Out of 41 branches 36 have been fully computerized while 2 more are expected to be computerized within 2008-09
    • It has established NEFT system in select branches for paper less money transfer on any bank in the country.
    • It has established RTG System for instant money transfer above Rs. One lakh to any bank in the country. Being the only RTGS enabled Bank in the cooperative sector in Eastern India ensures instant transfer of money of clients to any Schedule Bank in the country through RBI.
    • Publishes its audited Balance sheet and statement of accounts within one month after close of F.Y.
    • Pays dividends to shareholders including State Government regularly as it is earning profits regularly through prudent fund management.
    • For further details, visit www.wbscb.com
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