Minecraft Live: the Recap

It’s happening. You all proved once and for everything that commenting, pleading and campaigning are not enough to get anything done. As long as it is an update to the cave and mountain systems of a game made from blocks. The Caves & Cliffs Update, as it is now called, features improved cave generation and […]

How to easily summon the warden

The highly anticipated addition of the Warden to the game, originally planned to be part of the Minecraft1.17 update has been greatly welcomed. Through snapshots for Java Edition as well as the preview or beta for Bedrock Edition, the mob has been officially added to the game. It has yet to arrive in vanilla Minecraft. Although the 1.19 […]

Top 5 survival mods in Minecraft

Minecraft offers many survival-based mechanisms that players can master. Survival in Minecraft is not easy due to the mobs, hunger and crafting systems. Players may feel the need to have more experiences after their first few playthroughs.¬†Perhaps to make the game more difficult, or to spice up a survival server or world.¬†This list contains the top […]

How to handle sculk shriekers

The sculk Shrieker blocks were first spotted in Minecraft LIVE’s global reveal stream of The Wild Update. They are one of many new, sculk-based blocks that can be found in the deep dark biome with its subterranean towns. The Sculk Shriekers can be found in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’s creative inventory (allegedly when experimental gameplay has […]

Fuel discussions in Minecraft

There are many fuel options in Minecraft. Although coal is the most popular and readily available source, there are many other options, including blaze rods and wooden blocks. Every source is different and each one has a different fuel time. Some sources are better than others. The two main fuel sources for Minecraft are coal blocks, and dried […]

Where to find veins of ore in Minecraft

Two of Minecraft’s main attractions are the beautiful cave systems and huge mountains. Caves can generate Y -59 while mountains can generate Y 256. Mojang had the need to update the Minecraft ore distribution due to all the changes in Minecraft 1.18. The new distribution is much more popular and easier for players to find ores. Players […]

Best enchantments for your Pickaxe

There are many important enchantments that can be used to enhance pickaxes in Minecraft. Mining is an integral feature of Minecraft, as the name implies. The pickaxe used for mining is also very important to players. Every player will always remember their first pickaxe made of diamonds and the joy it brought to mining in caves. Pickaxes are […]

Farming ghasts in Minecraft

Ghasts are one of the most dangerous hostile mobs in Minecraft. These mobs are ghost-like and fly in the Nether. They attack players with fireballs. Although these mobs are easily killed using a few arrows and their drops can often be lost as they can’t be caught in mid-air by players, They can also create a farm to […]

Survival servers

Minecraft’s building and exploration elements were a big draw, but survival is still very popular. Fans still love the survival mode, where you have to gather resources, make weapons and tools, build shelters and survive mobs. Many servers and maps have been created for survivalist gaming. These servers are for players who love the survivalist […]