Minecraft Live: the Recap

It’s happening. You all proved once and for everything that commenting, pleading and campaigning are not enough to get anything done. As long as it is an update to the cave and mountain systems of a game made from blocks. The Caves & Cliffs Update, as it is now called, features improved cave generation and features such as lush caves or dripstone caves. A brand new archeology system will be added to the game, adding a cool sense of history and storytelling. You are digging now, but soon, you will be excavating.

We knew that something had to populate these caverns so we also added crystals, telescopes and bundles, as well as the sculk sensor blocks and a new hostile mob, the warden. Do Minecraft really need any more hostile mobs than it already has? Isn’t enough that the llamas spit on you?

Caves & Cliffs’ cliff means that the Mountain Update you voted for last years will be included in this year’s Mountain Update. We were able to see the mountain goat that will populate these mountains, and I liked it even though it reminded me a lot. Although I don’t believe that a Dutch pixel artist intentionally did this, he could have his revenge. Boerstra, you win this round.