Best enchantments for your Pickaxe

January 22, 2023

Best enchantments for your Pickaxe

There are many important enchantments that can be used to enhance pickaxes in Minecraft. Mining is an integral feature of Minecraft, as the name implies. The pickaxe used for mining is also very important to players. Every player will always remember their first pickaxe made of diamonds and the joy it brought to mining in caves.

Pickaxes are vital in the game and should be durable. While players will likely break many pickaxes in the game, it is important to enchant the tool to get the best out of them.

Minecraft enchanting is a complex system. Players can make the tools even more powerful by using the right enchantments.

Five best Minecraft enchantments to use with a pickaxe (2022).

Nearly all these enchantments can be used to create a pickaxe. They have different specialties and are important depending on the player's needs. These are the top five Minecraft enchantments that you can use to enhance your pickaxe.

5) Silk Touch

Silk touch allows the tool to mine blocks without breaking them. A stone block can drop by itself, instead of becoming a cobblestone one. The pickaxe only has one level of this enchantment.

4) Fortune

Players can use the fortune enchantment to get more material from a single block. This allows the tool to mine multiple items from one block. A diamond ore with fortune 3 can drop up to four diamonds.

3) Unbreaking

The unbreaking enchantment is one of the most popular enchantments for any tool. This enhances the tool's durability, making it more durable and long-lasting. The durability of the enchantment is increased by 100% with each of its three levels.

This enchantment may be required by players after the Caves and Cliffs update. Underground layers have increased and players might need it.

2) Efficiency

Another excellent enchantment is efficiency, which allows a pickaxe mine more quickly. This enchantment can be used to quickly mine new caves and ores after the Caves and Cliffs update.

There are five levels of efficiency. The first increases speed by 25%, and the second a 5% increase.

1) Mending

Mending is a treasure-enchantment that can't be applied to an enchanting table. This enchantment allows the pickaxe to fix itself using the player's XP. This is the best Minecraft enchantment to use on a pickaxe. Pickaxes that are repaired won't easily break.