Fuel discussions in Minecraft

January 7, 2023

Fuel discussions in Minecraft

There are many fuel options in Minecraft. Although coal is the most popular and readily available source, there are many other options, including blaze rods and wooden blocks. Every source is different and each one has a different fuel time. Some sources are better than others. The two main fuel sources for Minecraft are coal blocks, and dried kelp block.

Both are great fuel sources but one is better than the other. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here's what players need to know about both fuel sources.

Ironically, these fuel sources are the best in all of the game. A lava bucket is the only fuel source that's better than these blocks. The lava bucket is the most durable fuel source in the game, lasting 20,000 ticks.

In that order, coal blocks and dried-kelp blocks are the second and third entries. The lifespan of coal blocks is 16,000 ticks, while dried kelp blocks are 4,000. They are backed by blaze rods that last for 2,400 ticks, and one coal at 1,600.

Coal blocks are clearly the most long-lasting fuel source of the two. But there are other factors. A coal block is composed of nine coals. This translates to 14.400 ticks. One coal block can be an efficient fuel source as well as a lasting one.

You can find dried kelp blocks in most places, depending on where you are located. They can be found in the oceans, and there is often a lot of kelp waiting to be broken. It is much easier to obtain a lot of Kelp quickly than it was to do the same for coal.

The kelp must then be dried. This requires a fuel source. To do this, it's not as efficient nor as long-lasting than a coal block. All of this being said, coal blocks are a much better fuel source than dried Kelp blocks.