How to easily summon the warden

December 29, 2022

How to easily summon the warden

The highly anticipated addition of the Warden to the game, originally planned to be part of the Minecraft1.17 update has been greatly welcomed. Through snapshots for Java Edition as well as the preview or beta for Bedrock Edition, the mob has been officially added to the game. It has yet to arrive in vanilla Minecraft.

Although the 1.19 update will be available soon, many players have struggled to wait for the features, including the Warden. Crafters with the snapshot, beta or preview might want to be the first to face the new boss.

You can visit Deep Dark to do this, but gamers don't have to fight him on their turf. There are other ways to get the Warden. Here are the steps to summon it.

Summoning the Warden in Minecraft: The easiest method

To summon most mobs, the easiest way to make them appear is to call them. While some mobs will naturally spawn at nighttime, others won't.

The Warden is no exception. You can summon it by using the summon command. For Bedrock Edition, “/summon warrior” will suffice. To spawn one for Java Edition, players must type “/summon Minecraft :warden”

Commands and achievements will need to be disabled, and players must be on the current versions that support the Warden.

This is the fastest and easiest way to summon it. However, it's not all that easy. Crafters can quickly obtain spawn eggs for almost every mob in Creative mode, even the Warden.

Once they have this, players can spawn Wardens infinitely or as many eggs as they have if they switch to Survival mode.

It can also be created organically without the use of Creative mode commands. To summon a Warden in Survival, Gamers only need a sculk-shrieker

This redstone-based block can be obtained by players in Deep Dark. These blocks can only be mined using a hoe. It will drop XP instead of the block, if it isn't.

To create a level 1 warning, Minecraft gamers can place the sculk-shrieker wherever they like and then step on it. The shrieker will notify any Warden if it reaches level 3. If there isn't one, one will appear.

The Warden can be fought by players, and it is one of the most difficult mobs in the game.